Жива, Живана
Shiva Shivana
willow, [Zhivana] - goddess of entire living, the personification of fruit-bearing force, youth, beauty of entire nature and man - i.e., spring. Some assumed by its mother of Peroun, [Bodana] and [Peklentsa] (patron of infernal flame). It is living it rules, when they green, bloom fields and scaffolding, gardens and vegetable-gardens, when people, after coming to from the sad winter sleep, as if they for the first time see the beauty of spring nature, the beauty of the blooming youth, for the first time get to know the charm of love and tenderness. Specifically, in spring it is possible to see I live or turpentines, its very young female students: in the form excellent virgins they glide above the earth, throwing to it such affectionate views, that it another forest flowers and greens. Cuckoo was received by our ancestors for the embodiment they were living. Arriving flying from [Iriya], from that beyond the clouds country, from where the souls of newborns proceed, where deceased and where the virgins of fate are, are moved away, cuckoo counts the hours of generation, life and death. All Arian peoples saw in the rotation of the seasons the model of life. From the lighthearted spring youth to the ripe summer, from deserved autumn to the winter fading and death - the same cycles live men, the family, tribe, state. But much it is possible to attempt to foresee, as if having glimpsed into the future. For example, to present the question: “How much to me remained to live?” - and to compute, how often [prokukuet] cuckoo. This bird in ancient Hindus proclaimed the decisions of the god Of [indry], coma how much to live, in Germans - it served thunderer to Thor, in Greeks into it was converted itself Zeus. ...
Word “life” earlier sounded as “stomach” and indicated: 1) body; 2) existence; 3) property. The names occurred from it: the basic food of Slavs - rye, of wheat; house - dwelling; rich life - [zhitukhi]; cattle - [zhivotiny], poultry, medicinal, that heal, medicines and much of other. http://www.svarga.su/svarga_jiva.html