Знак ЯРИЛы

Знак ЯРИЛы. Yarilo.
Christian Nicolas [Veshniy], Western - Slav [Yarovit], is general - people clearly [Solnyshko] - all this about by Slavyansk spring god To [yarile], the son of the god Of [velesa]. It is possible in no way to know, who such Of [yarila], but almost no one from the Russians does not know that such the fury and passion, has an idea about that which such “spring shoots” and very clearly will be able to explain that it means furious or spring, furious! [Yarilo]- the god of the spring sun, who conquers winter, who brings down icy horns from the winter and conquering Moroz. It is the personification of spring fertility, uproar of new life, awakening of new force and subsequent fertility both soil and human posterity! In it is manifested the physical side of love and its quintessence - passion, now and then dark and animal, strong and powerful in its tendency toward the generation. [Yarilu] they traditionally depict as ardent, beautiful, young man. Slavs considered that the spring bloom must wake up passion in the people, and the human love - to increase fertility pour on. Therefore in [Yarily] they requested a good harvest, when the first shoots of spring appeared. [Yarilo] personifies the fertile forces of spring, it brings it with themselves, on it depends its timely arrival, and realization the hopes of peasants. Appearing in the assumed season, extending more spring heat-, it wakes up productive force in entire living, filling by its youthful flame, by fervor, by passion, by boldness. And by bravery! The sign Of [yarily] will prove useful to those, who wants to introduce freshness and fervor of spring revival into his life, passion into the love it is simple not to lose a feeling of from within being risen solar ease!
Знак ЯРИЛы                                    Svarozhich Symbolism