Знак ЧУРа

Mind you - the god of the protection of property rights, protection, the patron of boundaries, soundness, [obereganiya], domestic center. Low deity in the eastern Slavic mythology. In its responsibility entered the protection of [mezhey], boundaries of land yes even generally boundaries. Mind you it guarded ancestral and tribal possessions, and unclean forces could not step over their boundary. On the boundaries, the boundaries of their possessions our ancestors placed idol with the cut out on it symbolic ancestral signs, which were being considered sacred. Mind you it guarded man from everyone of " [porchi]" , " Unclean of [sily]". Apparently we sometimes and speak on this: " Mind you [menya]" when we want to be protected from something bad. " Mind you, keep me! " Even secret of the thoughts of man it guards. If someone says to you something unpleasant, his [zachuray]: " Mind you to you into the language! " - evil wish will not happen. Well and you will find something valuable and will want not with whom to share, here beg: " Mind you, my! " - good ancient idol will keep your finding only for you one [Zhivet] in the world with the house, but pursues [leshikh] and brownies.