Svarog Talisman
It is difficult to underestimate the force of creator! It is not possible to present creator without the effective force of life. Or to completely foolishly become similar waiting taxes and [smirenno] left into the shadow with the danger and into the nonexistence with the least complexity. If you feel in yourselves the force of creator and creator, or you want to draw similar energies into your life, for you it is worthwhile to focus attention on the sign Of [svaroga]. the [Svarog]- highest god, the creator of the Earth and skies, keeper and the sovereign of fire, who creates not in a word and by magic to the similarity Of [velesa], but directly by hands, since creates peace material. Legend says, that [Svarog] dropped from the sky to the earth plow and yoke in order to cultivate the earth; combat poleaxe in order this earth to protect from the enemies, and cup for the preparation in it of the sacred beverage. It cleft clouds with the arrows of lightning and lit up the torch of the sun. With its powerful sword striking the demons of shadow. Specifically, the laws Of [svaroga]- the fundamentals of laws for entire living and real. [Svaroga] is considered as celestial blacksmith and great soldier, patron of forging and family center, since precisely from the center begins house, on the popular belief of many peoples, and first of all in Slavs. Sign Of [svaroga]- the basic and powerful sign of creation and creation. It is necessary not only to those, who is capable to create, but also it has the bravery and the force to protect its creation.