Source It symbolizes original original homeland the showers of human. The celestial halls of the goddess Of [dzhivy], where appear to the God light the [nevoploshchennye] human showers. After formation on [Zlatoy] the way of spiritual development the soul of [idet] to the earth.
1-[aya] the source [Chakra] is located in the region of coccyx. Through it the man derives vital energy, which elapses from it. It absorbs all forms of energy. Color - black (not known, after the face of human perception). In the audio-frequency range this [chakra] receives low frequency sound (ultralow frequencies). Low frequency sound can cause panicky fear in man. In the eastern system this [chakra] is called the Mu-Harmony-Ha- Ra, and our ancestors called it by one brief and intelligible word - source. Everything rises from in some source.