[Poludnitsa] - Slav goddess of day. Its sister Of [kupalnitsa], [Vecherka] and Zarya -[Zarenitsa]. Nightbird or nightbird correspond to it. Patroness of day intense heat, day and solstice. According to some data Of [poludenitsy] the lowest spirit, protect the earth and fields. The spirit of the hot of noon, is encountered by the fact, who works at noon (on the customs at noon it was to be rested). If we meet [Poludenitsu], then it can begin to conjecture riddles, if we do not guess - it can [zashchekotat] to [polusmerti]. Kill [Poludenitsy] could only those, who did not observe customs, veins by culpable life and he did not respect gods. Appeared [Poludenitsy] in the form of girls in the white dress or tattered old women.