Карина Karina

[Karina] - Slav - goddess mourner, accompanies funeral rites, he soars above the fields of battles, they are sad in the places of the damping of deceased together with [Zheley], their sister. It is known from “the words about the regiment of Igor”: “after it I will call [Karna] and [Zhlya], [poskochi] on the Russian earth” (in the first edition of monument, in the earlier manuscript copy, the coalescent writing: [Karnaizhlya]). The similar designation of the rites “of [zhelenya] and [karanya]” (in the reverse order) is encountered in the enumeration of different heathen rites in the list 17 v. of the Old-Russian “word of a certain [kristolyubtsa]…”. Apparently, [Karna] formed from the verb to [kariti] (cf. others - Russian. “to [karit] according to its sister” in the sense “to mourn”); [Zhelya] - Old-Russian designation of weeping.