Makosha Places

Makosha Places
You [makosh] = aquarius Egyptians, who learned themselves to [astrologicheskomu] craftsmanship, allegedly, in [khaldeev] (Armenians) (10 7 substances B.C.), are asserted by contemporary historical science as THE MASTERS of its use. In more detail about all nuances “Egyptian craftsmanship” in astrology see p. main VI, and here we will examine only the connections of Slav goddess [Makoshi] with the [astrologicheskim] sign of aquarius.
As aquarius obtained its name Aquarius - zodiacal sign, whose calendar period continues from January 21 to February 19. It is graphically depicted in the form water carrier or the bent lines. The last version of sign arose, as it is asserted, in Egypt, designating, allegedly, the flows of water of the Nile. But simultaneously there is and friend an interpretation - two snakes of wisdom, that symbolize, allegedly, intuitive and rational knowledge. Name to constellation it gave lived in 2nd v. A.D. in Egypt hellenic mathematician Ptolemy. Its works long time were considered as the such sacred, practically they did not change and were not refined for a period of 1400 years, but in the political and social spheres lived to 18 centuries [of 1716, 1717]. The basic “reaching” of Ptolemy is his dogma about the geocentric device of peace. This is “reaching” so of [idet] in the section with the data of the history of the times preceding Ptolemy, that we can suspect existence of a certain “insidious” concept, which “[prosveshchennaya]” Greece was [vvergnuta] into the abyss of such an ignorance. As we showed in p. .1.1 main VI, once in the 5th century B.C. Pythagoras knew and taught the study about the heliocentric device of peace - i.e., the Earth revolves around the sun. From where “famous” astronomer Ptolemy has this lack of information? Especially as it lived in alexandria - that city, in which was conceived [iudokhristianstvo] - faith, based completely on the Slav ideas and the mythology, but roughly [pererabotannykh], not known, misunderstood, and artificially appropriated by people by the name “Jews” (see Section .4. main VI). * * * Arrived with the excursion into Egypt Ptolemy saw the numerous images of people with the certain objects in the hands, from which “get down” wavy jets, it solved, that it is right to give name to these sacred images. And to give such name, which it invented to gathering. After accepting these “jets” for the flows of water, Ptolemy named constellation aquarius. And now, after a lapse of the almost two thousand years, we with the same serviliy, as with respect to the geocentricism of Ptolemy, we relate to his ABSURD name of the sacred constellation.