Symbols and characters on paleolithic sculptures [Makoshi]

Symbols and characters on the paleolitnic sculptures [Makoshi]
On some sculptural images [Makoshi] they are present symbols, signs and even characters. Fig. .1.3.1. Symbols and characters on the paleolitnic sculptures [Makoshi]. On top: the increased fragment “of the inscription”, which is present on the spin [Makoshi]. From below to the left: the fragment of ornament from the breast [Makoshi] and its identification with the Slav [Svasticheskimi] symbols “You [makosh]” and “unseeded field”. To the right: the 1st column - [ukrupnennye] images “of letters” from the back [Makoshi] ([ok]. of 40 thousand B.C.); the 2nd column - incision from the [dokitayskoy] ceramics it is 5th the 3rd of thousand B.C., found on the territory of modern China (see Section 1.1. main XI); the 3rd column - letter of Phoenician alphabet, of 1st are thousand B.C. (see Section 3. main XI); the 4th column - incision from [Zharkutana], the 1st thousand B.C. (see Section 4.1. main XI); the 5th column - letter of Etruscan alphabet, 1st thousand B.C.; the 6th column - letter of letter from [Vincha], 5th thousand B.C. On the breast of figurine from [Kostenok] (44 - 34 thousand years) is visible the ornament, which can be confidently identified as the multiple repetition of symbol “unseeded field”, which is been symbolic attribute [Makoshi]. On the spin of figurine we see the inscription, which consists, obviously, of the letters. Because of poor image quality to read it is impossible. But even in this form are distinctly distinguished the letters, analogous to contemporary. Let us in detail examine inscription in chapter p. 4. main VI. Here we will only note that the first on top row very confident can be we identify with the letter E or epsilon, the second - [s] [k] or by [kappoy], the third - with B or beta, the fourth - with H or this, the fifth - with T or [tettoy], the sixth - with S or sigma, the seventh - with P or pi, the eighth - from O or [omikron] (letter they are given in the Latin writing). Therefore to assert about the fact that the signs on [Makoshi] from [Kostenok] are letters, to us is very possible.