Primary fire of creation

primary fire of the creation of the universe
 [Ingliizm] - ancient Vera [Ingliizm], occurred from yes `the Arian word Of [ingliya], what indicates the primary fire given birth to life in [Bezkonechnykh] [bezkonechnostyakh] i.e. the universes, created by united God- creator [imenatsiya] to which - Ra- M -Ha. [Ingliizm] - these are religion, but not religion, t to word religion indicates - the artificial restoration of the spiritual connection between the people and the gods.
Руна Инглия
Руна Инглия
Fleeces Of [ingliya] The primary fire of the creation of the universe, from which appeared the universes and life itself. http://www.flura.net/more/index1.htm
Hall of Wild Boar
Hall of celestial wild boar
Чертог Небесного Вепря
Primary Godly Fire of Creation
Posolon and Seal of Solomon