16 Hours

16 Hours

On the second circle, from the external edge, they are shown the runes of time and their structural mapping. I.e., we have the daily circle, in which 16 hours, on 4 hours to each period of twenty-four hours… 4 hours for the evening, 4 hours on the night, for 4 hours for the morning and 4 hours on the day. Each hour has its own name, devil image and runic writing. In the next round they are depicted the runes 16- and of celestial halls, their tracing has the [opredelennuyu] connection with the arrangement of stars on the firmament and with the natural elements… Therefore very frequently these runes were placed on [oberegakh]. Not only on those, which bore people… but also on [oberegakh] of those protecting domestic cattle and bird. Furthermore, given guard it is possible to meet on the dishes and on another domestic utensils… Next round, is called the circle of the elements, in it are designated 9 elements through which it passes the lifetime. Of each element is given their name and their of the fleece of order. Beginning is established from the first element… 1. Earth 2. Star 3. Fire 4. Sun 5. Tree 6. Skies 7. Ocean 8. Moon 9. God