9 Letters of Russian

9 Letters
Of [bukvits] in The [drevleslovenskoy] written language and that they indicate.
R Of [retsi], to add, to report;
A  [Az], man, [lyudina];
B gods,
G Of [glagol], to say;
D is kind,
E - this, the [ukazuyushchaya] form;
C - conduct, Veda, wisdom, knowledge;
X - [Khran], [sokhranienie];
T is solid. - completion, final form.
After connecting the given means of [bukvits], we obtain the following text: They added man gods speaking good, this wisdom to preserve solidly.
 In the center itself, in the circle, that the [stukturnoe] designation of man. 9 points, they indicated in 9 basic energy centers ([chakr]) of man, through which it obtains different flows of the force of life… to 9 forms of the consciousness of man, to 9 different feelings, which are given to man… and much other…