[Rozhana], the hall of pike, the sacred tree - Plum

[Rozhana], the hall of pike, the sacred tree - Plum (discharge)
Рожана, Чертог Щуки, Священное древо - Слива

People, originated in the hall of pike and Cygnus, strive for the calm, measured off life, for the traditional structure, filled with sensual mutual anxieties. For them the adoption of decision of major importance is the very difficult task. The hall of pike gives the ability to be adapted in any medium and to everywhere feel itself as fish in the water. MOTHER OF GOD [ROZHANA] - (mother Of [rodikha], [Rozhanitsa]). Eternally young celestial Mother of God. Goddess of family abundance, sincere wealth and cosiness. To Mother of God [Rozhane] accomplished special offerings by the food: by pancakes, by fritters, by grain crops, by porridges, by honey and by honey kvass. The ancient [Slavyano]- Arian cult of the Mother of God Of [rozhany] as other cults, dedicated to Mother of God and goddesses, is connected with the female ideas about the continuation of kind and the fate of the newly born baby, to whom is determined the fate. The celestial Mother of God Of [rozhana] in always patronized not only pregnant women, but also [mladym] to girls, until they pass the rites of maturity and [Imyanarecheniya] at the twelve-year old age. The age of 12 years is selected by our ancestors not randomly, this the period of [vzrosleniya] and finding of initial life experience. Furthermore, the growth of child to this age reached 124 cm., or as they spoke in the ancient times: seven spans in the forehead. To the passage of rites any child, independent of sex, was called fumes and was found under the [oberegovoy] protection of his parents, who answered for it. After passage into 12 years of the rites of maturity and [Imyanarecheniya] the child became the full-fledged member of community and he bore responsibility for all its words and behavior. Goddess- patroness of the hall of pike in The [svarozhem] circle. It is considered that when the [Yarilo]- sun is located in the celestial hall of pike, are born people, which feel themselves everywhere as fish in the water.