[Semargl], hall is snake, the sacred tree - linden

Семаргл, Чертог Змея, Священное древо - Липа  

People, originated in the hall of dragon and crow, are very active by their nature. The heaviest for them - this is solitude. It is very amorous and consider that only love (explicit, physical, carnal) must be at the head of angle, and is then narrower everything else. The hall of dragon gives cold, covered in no way selfishness, self-love, which sometimes passes into [lyubveobilnost], or nonacceptance of criticism in its address. GOD [SEMARGL] ([Ognebog]) - [Vyshniy] god, the keeper of eternally living fire and the guardian of the precise observance of all fiery rites and fiery purification. [Semargl] assumes fiery gifts, religious rites and [bezkrovnye] offerings on ancient Slav and Arian [p]pa[zdnik]ax, especially upon [Krasnogor], during the day of god it bathed also in [Vyshniy] the day of the god of Peroun, appearing [posrednik]o[m] between the people and all celestial gods. [Ognebog] Of [semargl] is the God- patron of the hall of celestial snake in The [svarozhem] circle. [Ognebog] with happiness [blagoslavlyaet] all people from the kinds of the race of great, [koi] with the clean soul and the spirit observe all celestial laws and multi-wise commandments of bright gods and ancestors. [Semargla] also call during the treatment of the fallen ill animals and people, in order to free patients from different ailments and diseases. When in man temperature rose, then they indicated that [Ognebog] settled in the soul of that fallen ill. Since [Semargl], as fiery dog, furiously battles with the ailments and the diseases, [koi] similar to [vorogam] selected into body or soul of that fallen ill. Therefore it is considered it inadmissible to bring down, in patient the risen temperature. Bath is considered as the best place for the purification from the ailment.