Огнебог    god of Fire
At the beginning of the times, when [Svarog] struck by hammer on 6[el]- it was combustible to stone To [alatyryu], from the spark, carved from the stone, was born the fiery god Of [semargl], and also all celestial [Ratichi] - soldiers [Svaroga]. [Svetozaryy] [Ognebog] Of [semargl] appeared in the fiery vortex, removal of everyone they were bad. It, as if the sun, it lit up entire universe. Under [Semarglom] there was [zlatogrivyy] horse with the silver fur. Smoke - became its banner, and fire - by horse. , where it passed on its horse, remained the black burnt out track From the great fire Of [svaroga] then rose God wind - thus was born the god of the winds Of [stribog]. He began to fan the great flame Of [svaroga] and [Svarozhicha]-[Semargla]. The great black of snakes, originated by world grinding off, planned to imitate To [svarogu]. It crawled up to [Alatyryu] and struck it by hammer. From this impact dispersed throughout the world black sparks - thus were born all dark forces, demons -[dasuni].