[Varuna], hall is crow, the sacred tree - larch

[Varuna], hall is crow, the sacred tree - larch
Варуна, Чертог Ворона, Священное древо - Лиственница

People, originated in the hall of dragon and crow, are very active by their nature. The heaviest for them - this is solitude. It is very amorous and consider that only love (explicit, physical, carnal) must be at the head of angle, and is then narrower everything else. Hall crow gives the good-natured, open nature, [vlyubchivost] and [lyubveobilnost], which sometimes reaches the turbulence. To 40 years wise life experience gives to man. GOD [VARUNA] - god, who controls the element of the motion of the celestial sphere and who observes after the sacred ways, which connect the gates Of [mezhdumirya] in the different halls Of [svargi] [Prechistoy], [Varuna] - god, who controls the roads of the fates of human. Only god Of [varuna] can determine the power of spiritual formation and the completeness of the fulfillment of vital destination by man. Crows - bird prophesying, the accurate satellite of the God- control Of [varuny]. It accompanies the souls of dead persons to the gates Of [vyriya] in great [Svarge] [Prechistoy] and reports to showers -[navyam] about what high goals they achieved in their spiritual and sincere development and in the fulfillment of vital destination on the [Midgard]- Earth. If the god Of [varuna] decides, that to man it is necessary to grant the possibility to complete the act initiated, which it did not have time to finish in connection with suddenly begun death, then it directs to the soul of the dead person of its assistant - crow. Crows - keeper of living and dead water, gives the possibility the shower of dead person to return to its own body, so that the man, after returning in Mir of reality, could complete his unfinished matter. In the world they tell reality about this person: " It survived clinical [smert]" or " It returned from that of [sveta]". It is however strange, but after return by the God- control Of [varunoy] person to his previous life, men changes its means of behavior, not it burns its life it in vain and completes the matter, which it did not have time to finish. But if man cannot be returned to his own body because of his complete destruction, then the celestial god Of [varuna] is simple goddess To [karnu] to seek out the suitable body for the data showers -[Navi].