[Kryshen], the hall of stage, the sacred tree - Aspen

[Kryshen], the hall of stage, the sacred tree - Aspen
Крышень, Чертог Тура, Священное древо - Осина

People, originated in the hall of stage and moose, are industrious, constantly occupied with any labor, even if this labor is uniform. Their internal essence seemingly wakes up to the life from the beginning of the spring, and when begins [Novoletie], them creatively approach to the life falls into the hibernation. The hall of stage gives to man durability, diligence and business aspiration even under the routine conditions, perseverance in achieving of the goal when presented this purpose of men determined for itself. GOD [KRYSHEN] - celestial God- patron of ancient wisdom. He is god, who controls the accomplishment of ancient rites, rituals and holidays, that observes so that during the offerings of [bezkrovnykh] [Treb] and [Darov] to [vsesozhzhenie] there would be no bloody offerings. In peacetimes Of [kryshen] it preaches in different Earth [Svargi] [Prechistoy] ancient wisdom, while into the heavy for the kinds races of great times it is taken in favor of weapon and speaks as God- warrior, who protects women, old men, children, and also all weak and deprived. Ta[k] as [Kryshen] is the God- patron of the hall of stage in The [svarozhem] circle, they call it the celestial herdsman, who grazes the herd of celestial cows and Turov. Ailment takes away Oseen. And by it is good to finish [banki].
The PS has a heroic character by the name of Krishen. The epics of Krishen are similar to that of the Krishna (VI). One of the ‘goddess of love’ of PS is known as Kama, similar to that of the people from Hindu-Kush, also named Kama. Vyshen, a supreme Slavic deity can be parallel to Vishnu, a supreme Hindu deity.