Знак Макоши в Ладинце нагрудный

Знак Макоши в Ладинце нагрудный
Sign in Mokos Ladintse Chest

Some of my clients sometimes request to combine two talismans or [oberega] into one in order not to bear immediately several. I with the pleasure to the ides by them to the encounter. So appear completely new guard, one of which before you: Sign [Makoshi] in [Ladintse]. If you look descriptions to independent [oberegam] [Makoshi] and harmonies, you [uvidete], which them unites the symbol of motherhood. Sign [Makoshi] in [Ladintse] - this splendid on the embodiment of force it guarded! You [makosh] he is mother by the mistress of fates, together with the husband By [velesom] of the controlling peace magic, and paired with the daughters, it solves the twist ofs fate of human. Harmony - great mother - [rozhanitsa], full-blooded, deep and beneficial keeper and the patroness of family center. In a strict initial sense, You [makosh] or to harmony it is not possible to name exceptionally female goddesses by patronesses. They help not woman herself, but female essence, responsibilities and occupations traditionally counted female. These signs can bear and man, if they want to become from [blagoslavleniya] of goddesses the managers of the cross-road of fates or by the keepers of family calmness. However, after combining [Makosh] and [Lad] we obtained strengthening precisely female beginning in the sign! Therefore to bear it we advise women, but not to men. By the way and for young girls it is necessary to prudently put on this sign. Harmony You [makosh] - great mothers, until you feel in yourselves force and understanding the difference in perspective of responsibility, wisdom and concern of motherhood, but soul your it is similar faster to the ringing stormy brook, than to the calm, strong flow of deep river, you is not worth bearing this sign. Although you can acquire it into the gift or simple to store in the secluded corner, similar to talisman. Since sooner or later each girl perceives in herself the force of motherhood and the call of kind to the continuation. The new united sign will help to draw the correct confluence of circumstances and will assist to disclosure in the young girl of her ripe side of personality. But here to mothers or to misses, who approach motherhood this sign will be very to the point! Acquiring this sign it is worthwhile to understand, that you obtain the force of the reincarnation of the fate, which is opened in the female personification! This simultaneously and it is wonderful, since there is nothing more wonderful than the woman, who realized her essence, motherhood and authority above the fates! But and it is very dangerous in also the time! You [makosh] it does not suffer lightness and [siyuminutnosti]. Union [Makoshi] and harmonies it is similar to the bridge between the peaces Of [navi] and reality, i.e., the peace of that appeared and peace of the undeveloped, total concealed forces and possibilities. Use this property of [oberega] and you will obtain unique possibility to the change, the conversion and the stabilization!