Galactic Centre-Anticentre

                     Tropic of Capricorn                                                    Tropic of Cancer 
                     Galactic Centre -                                                        Anticentre of Galaxy
                      Sagittarius                                                                  Gemini     
 Celestial Planisphere or Map of the Heavens, A
                                  Yin                                                    Yang
                                  Counter-Clockwise                       Clockwise
In the Ji symbol the spirals are substituted with a left and right swastika: 
   cf. Meandering Swastikas
4 Fold Spiral (Left) -          4 Fold Spiral (Right
Руна Инглия                       Руна МАРА
Rune Ingliya                        Rune Mara
Инглия -                                Коловрат
 Ingliya                                   Kolovrat
Расич -                                  Святоч 
Fiery Cross (Latvia) -            Fiery Cross Reversed (Latvia)

Fiery Cross Reversed -       Fiery Cross 
Clockwise                              Counterclockwise