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Kim H. Veltman
Perspective, Space, Time, Line and Number,” Convegno Internazionale di Studi "Urbino e la prospettiva", Urbino, 9-11 October 2006, Urbino.http://urbinoelaprospettiva.uniurb.it/arte.htm


The discovery of perspective is often described as if it were a) largely a discovery of space or b) an integration of space and timei  This paper challenges such claims as fashions of the day. There is serious evidence that already in the second millennium before Christ, the Chinese had a complex integration of time and space. India also developed analogous schemes whereby they integrated time, space and acoustics. These examples suggest that the detailed quest for a complex integration of time and space became a major stumbling block in preventing the discovery of perspective.

Examination of Renaissance perspective reveals that they did not integrate time and space in a modern sense. Instead, Renaissance artists had separate approaches to space and time. Indeed. one could claim that the discovery of Renaissance perspective required a clear separation of time and space. Ultimately, the key to perspective lies elsewhere, in a new approach to line and number.    

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